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About PJP Exporting

PJP Exporting (Canada) Inc is a family run business that has been operating since 1984.

Ours was the dream of having a company that shipped exclusively to Grenada while providing delivery to the door service in Grenada. With hard work and perseverance we made PJP a household name.

Our office is based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, while loading is done in Brampton.

Working very closely with our sister company PJP Grenada located in the city of St. Georges, Grenada.
We do our best to offer competitive rates and short transit times.

We Want to Say Thank You

We would like to thank the Government of Canada and Member of Parliament for Richmond Hill: Majid Jowhari for presenting us with with this “Certificate of Appreciation.” We appreciate the support and will continue to contribute to the community via PJP Exporting Canada/Grenada. Thank you to all of the people who have shipped with us through the years, you are deeply appreciated! 

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Enjoy Grenada in Comfort!

Our Rental Apartments

We rent out all inclusive 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments overlooking the beautiful St. Georges Harbor. We are within walking distance to all the amenities such as banks, churches, grocery stores and the Farmers’ Market. Wi-Fi is also available at these beautiful apartments.

Giving Back to the Community

Not only do we work with our customers on keeping prices low, we are also part of an organization that donates used wheel chairs, canes and hospital beds to the Churches in Grenada who in turn give to the needy.

What We Offer

Our Services

Container Rental

20′ to 40′ Containers Available
Suited for Relocation to Grenada

Vehicle Shipment

Transportation of Any Vehicle
Professionally Secured & Prepared

Industrial Crating

Bubble & Shrink Wrapping

Professional Moving & Delivery Services

We’re here to assist you whether moving domestically or overseas.
Our Team will help you move your office, business or residence.
Upon request, we provide shrink wrap and other packaging materials that you may need.
We also offer contacts to the best storage facilities to store your items until your move is completed.
We take care insuring your items get to their new destination in one piece.
We service the majority of Southern Ontario to Montreal, Quebec.
Services we offer include: shipment, parcel pickup, cartage and delivery

There are many different ways of packaging an item for shipment. Make sure that you are following our packing guidelines.

Pricing & Sizing

Our Pricing Structure

We offer standard prices for 3 different sizes of barrels: small, medium and large.
As for boxes, plastic containers, suitcases etc. These we price by cubic footage.
The medium barrel is more standard and the large barrel can be tall or quite wide.
Small barrels vary in size from quite small to a normal small.
We would need to know the length, height and width which when multiplied together give you the cubic ft. of the item.
Vehicles are priced in the same way.
We normally have specials on. Please inquire about our specials and pricing your items.

Shipping from Grenada to Toronto

After more than 30 years of shipping to Grenada we are expanding.  PJP is proud to introduce “Shipping from Grenada to Toronto”. We are constantly asked the question, “who will move my goods from Grenada to Toronto?”. Peter and I have discussed this issue many times and finally decided to take the next step. In February 2018 this dream was turned into a reality and a success.

How to be Prepared

Our Packaging Guidelines

Packaging of Items
There are many different ways of packaging an item for shipment. Since containers go by land, rail and sea you want to make sure that what you do ship arrives to Grenada as safely as possible.
Barrel Packing
When packing a barrel it’s important to pad up the barrel with newsprint or old towels so your breakables are cushioned. Also please don’t put anything in the barrel that has a strong odor since everything else will take on that scent.
Do Not Sit On Your Barrel!
Another thought that comes to mind is if you have to sit on your barrel to close it then your barrel is too full. From our experience that doesn’t work… Your barrel will bust!
Locking of Barrels
Please also lock your barrel also putting electrical tape or a heavy duty tape around the rim will hopefully discourage any curiosity in the customs in Grenada.
Safety is always number 1 with us!
Store Bought Items
As for items you purchase at the store its best to leave them in their original box, but we would recommend you opening the box beforehand to make sure you have received the items you purchased.
Crating & Wrapping
We offer crating and wrapping at a minimal charge depending on the job to be done.
Vehicle Shippment
When shipping a vehicle we must have the ownership or at least a copy of it. That can be emailed or faxed to us.
Vehicle Shipment (Continued)
We also require that the gas tank be emptied before the vehicle goes into the container.
Dangerous Goods
We will ship what we call dangerous goods but this must be discussed beforehand.

Phone, Skype or Visit Us

Get in Touch With Us

Canada Office
182 Springhead Gardens, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
+1 (905) 508-6957 / +1 (416) 890-2418
+1 (647) 818-7630 (Text Only Please)
Contact: Aileen or Peter
Grenada Office
St. Georges, Grenada
+1 (647) 955-9483
+1 (473) 440-3825 / +1 (416) 890-2418
+1 (416) 890-2418

Contact: Peter

PJP Exporting - Canada Office

PJP Exporting - Grenada Office

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